Pre-Engagement and Wedding Photography

Pre Wedding | Engagement Shoot

A pre wedding engagement shoot, is the perfect way to get comfortable with the camera before the big day, and have a great time doing so at that. First have a good chat about what you as a couple love to do e.g. are you beach or picnic lovers, maybe you love boxing, fishing, skating, going for a run in the park or maybe you just want to get your cat involved. Anything that you both have a interest in or just a location captures the fact that you’re romantically in love, would work into the theme for your pre wedding shoot. There are lots of different approaches we can take to your engagement shoot, which ultimately are about having a lot of fun and capturing some amazing images.

Wedding Photography/Film

As a professional wedding photographer/filmmaker I understand the importance of using photography to capture the moments as they unfold, in a creative style. For this reason my team is fully professional and also some of the most people friendly individuals you could ever wish for. I believe that it is essential to capture moments in a natural manner throughout the day, ensuring that we are in the right place and at the right time to generate angles which will capture you and your guests without being in the way. We ensure that we become part of the day through interacting with guests and making sure everyone feels comfortable with being photographed.